Yamaha R Max 2 Seater Rock Slider

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1.65 Steel Tubing
Integrated steep tread
Comes with all mounting hardware

When you swerve in between trees on the trail or drop down hard on a rock when out rock crawling do you want to take the worry out of damaging your expensive plastics Then you need to fit a set of Rival rock sliders. Constructed from a mix of heavy-duty tubing and in model-specific cases, flat plate for step treads these rock sliders not only look great but will protect your R Max 2 from everything out on the trail

R Max 2 1000 Limited Edition 2021-2023
R Max 2 1000 XT-R 2021-2023
R Max 2 1000 Sport 2021-2023
R Max 2 1000 R-SPEC 2021-2023
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