Kawasaki Mule™ PRO DX / DXT / FX / FXT Alloy Central Skid Plate

Kawasaki Mule™ PRO DX / DXT / FX / FXT Alloy Central Skid Plate

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  • Made from 5/32" Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Very high tear rating
  • Features Deep Stamped recesses for added strength
  • Metal Brackets for added strength
  • Recessed bolts and washers to protect fitment hardware
  • Drainage and Maintenance holes have been added for ease of access when cleaning and servicing your ATV/UTV
  • Precision laser cut
  • Italian AkzoNobel Powder coated for the best scratch resistance appearance, sustainability and protection against the elements

Do you ride your Kawasaki Mule PRO-DX / DXT / FX / FXT through off-road trail conditions in the rock or the woods If you worry about a stick, rocks, or brush hitting valuable parts of your ATV or UTV like a radiator or oil pipes or engine cases Well then, a Rival Skid Plate Kit is for you! Made from 5/32" Marine Grade Aluminum, which has a very high tear rating which puts the Rival Skid Plates & CV Guard kits in a league of their own! Featuring deep stamped recesses and metal brackets for added strength, drainage, and maintenance holes for ease of access when cleaning or servicing your machine. They are Precision laser cut for the best possible fit and finished with the Italian powder coat AkzoNobel which is also featured on Boeing Aircrafts, there really is no other product like it. The best part about the Rival Skid Plates & A-Arm Guards Kits is that they have been designed and tested by Powersports People and by using state-of-the-art technology with field testing we have been able to develop what we feel is the best skid plate on the market.

Mule™ PRO-DX™ Diesel 2016-2017
Mule™ PRO-DXT™ Diesel 2016-2022
Mule™ PRO-DXT™ Diesel EPS LE 2016-2017
Mule PRO-DXT™ EPS FE 2021-2023
Mule™ PRO-FX™ 2016-2023
Mule™ PRO-FX™ EPS LE 2016-2023
Mule™ PRO-FXT™ 2015-2023
Mule™ PRO-FXT™ EPS LE 2015-2023
Mule™ PRO-DX™ Diesel EPS LE 2016-2017
Mule™ PRO-DX™ Diesel EPS 2016-2023
Mule™ PRO-DXT™ Diesel EPS 2016-2022
Mule™ PRO-FX™ EPS 2016-2023
Mule™ PRO-FX™ EPS Camo 2015-2023
Mule™ PRO-FXT™ EPS 2015-2023
Mule™ PRO-FXT™ EPS Camo 2016-2023
Mule™ PRO-FXT™ Ranch Edition 2017-2017
MULE PRO-FXT™ Ranch Edition Platinum 2022-2022

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