CF Moto C Force 500 HO / 500 EPS / 600 Radiator Relocator Kit With Snorkel

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• Made from Aluminum with black powder coat finish 
• Keeps radiator out of the mud. 
• Motor is kept cool.
• Easy to clean and maintain. 
• Complete with Snorkels for your Intake 
• Kits include all hoses and hardware required.

The only thing worse than a flat is overheating your bike. Stock radiators weren’t designed with heavy mudding in mind. Relocating the radiator to the front rack of your bike can keep it mud-free, being easily accessible for cleaning and rinsing. Being up higher protects the radiator when you run over brush and allows for greater airflow. This kit also snorkels your intakes so you can get deeper in the mud guaranteeing a more enjoyable ride.
CForce 500 HO 2018-2018
CForce 500 HO EPS 2016-2017
CForce 600 2019-2019
CForce 600 2020-2023
CForce 600 Touring 2020-2023
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