Can-Am Outlander G2 / Max Front Bumper

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• Kit includes front bumper
• Strong mounting 
• Made from Heavy Duty 1.5" steel tubing
• Protects the front of your machine and your headlights and the side of your machine
• Comes with all mounting hardware and fitting instructions 
• Easy installation 
• Pair it with a Rival Rear Bumper

Your Can Am Outlander G2 / Max was expensive! Protecting that investment with a Rival Front bumper is an easy way to add style and safety to your machine! Whether you're trail riding, mudding, or working, unexpected things happen. Imagine ducking between trees on a tight trail and you’ve misjudged a turn, causing a tree to rip down the side of your new bike. Plastics are expensive, and easily fail under these conditions. Made from steel tubing, this Rival Front Bumper is CNC machine bent to ensure the best quality fit and easy installation. They will fit in perfectly with the look of your bike, as they are powder coated to look just like a genuine part. The fit and finish are unparalleled! There is no doubt that the Rival Front Bumper is one of the best on the market today.
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