Can Am Outlander G2 / Max Alloy Front A Arm Guards

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• Constructed with high strength 3/16" Marine grade Aluminum
• Laser Cutting
• Deep Stamped where able to add strength
• Powder Coated
• Utilizes Factory Mounting Points and additional brackets
• Drain and maintenance holes
• Hidden fastening and special plate washers when required

One of the most vulnerable and less protected part of your Can Am Outlander G2  are your A arms and CV joints. But you can protect both with our 3/16" Marine grade Aluminum A Arm Protectors. With a high folded front edge that protects your A Arms from impact and your CV Boots from sticks hitting and tearing and letting dirt in there to wreck the joints. We also have drain holes on the underside to let dirt, grass seed and sand that has built up to fall out or to be washed out. Our A Arm Guards utilise both factory mounting points and steel brackets to give maximum strength when mounting. We also use a stamping procedure to allow extra strength for the A Arm Guard and for our high strength bolts to be recessed to allow a flat surface for sliding over any obstacle you might come across on the trail. PART NUMBER ONLY INCLUDES FRONT A ARM GUARDS
Outlander 650 2019-2022
Outlander DPS 650 2019-2022
Outlander XT 650 2019-2022
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Outlander DPS 850 2019-2022
Outlander XT 850 2019-2022
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Outlander MAX NORTH EDITION 850 2020-2021
Outlander MAX XT 850 2019-2022
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Outlander MAX XT-P 1000R 2019-2022
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Outlander MAX 6X6 XT 1000 2019-2020
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