Can-Am Maverick 54" Blade Supreme High Lift Snowplow Kit

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• Strong robot welded push tube
• Stamped Blade for superior strength 
• Reversable Wear Bar
• Ski Shoes included 
• Wing included
• Heavy Duty square tube frame
• Quick release mounting system
• Does not come with a winch

The Rival Supreme High Lift Snowplow kit is here for all your winter plowing needs. This mid-mount unit has a pivot point in the middle of the push tube to lift the blade to an impressive height so you can stack that snow mound higher and higher. Complete with full 180 Degree's blade adjustability you can push the snow how ever you need to. Then to top it off we even added a quick-release foot pedal to make taking your plow on and off child's play. 

Pair your high-lift push tube with one of our new fully stamped technology blades. Our blades are not only stamped but they come complete with a reversible ware bar, ski shoes, blade wing, and retraction springs for if the terrain is not quite as smooth as it is going to be when you're finished. 

Rival’s Supreme High Lift snowplow system has everything you need for this winter. 

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