Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Max Alloy Rock Sliders

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• Made from Marine Grade Aluminum 
• Precision laser cut 
• Powder coated for scratch resistance

When you're swerving in between trees on the trail or dropping down hard on rock when out rock crawling do you want to take the worry out of damaging your expensive plastics but you want to stay as sleek and narrow as possible? Then you need to fit a set of Rival Alloy rock sliders. Constructed from heavy-duty 3/16'' Marine Grade Aluminum these will protect your bike from the things the trail throws at you.

Please note that this part number is for the rock slider only It does not include the skid plate.
Defender MAX HD8 2018-2021
Defender MAX DPS HD8 2017-2021
Defender MAX DPS HD10 2017-2019
Defender MAX DPS HD10 2020-2022
Defender MAX XT HD8 2017-2021
Defender MAX XT HD10 2017-2019
Defender MAX XT HD10 2020-2022
Defender MAX XT CAB HD10 2018-2020
Defender MAX X MR 2019-2022
Defender MAX Limited HD10  2020-2020
Defender MAX LONE STAR HD10 2019-2022
Defender PRO DPS HD10 2020-2022
Defender PRO XT HD10 2020-2022
Defender MAX LIMITED CAB HD10 2021-2022
Defender 6X6 XT HD10 2021-2022
Defender MAX DPS HD9 2022-2022
Defender MAX HD7 2022-2022
Defender MAX HD9 2022-2022
Defender MAX XT HD9 2022-2022
Defender PRO LONE STAR HD10 2022-2022
Defender PRO LIMITED CAB HD10 2022-2022
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