Can Am Outlander G2 L / Max Plastic  Front A Arm Guards

Can Am Outlander G2 L / Max Plastic Front A Arm Guards

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Are you rock crawling or working in a really rocky area and want to protect one of the most vulnerable and least protected part of your Can Am Outlander G2 L / Max then your A arms and CV joints are it. Operating in really rocky areas though require an extra bit of slide that you can get from Alloy A Arm Guards. Dont worry Rival has got you covered with our Heavy Duty custom blend 5/16 PE Plastic A arm guards. We have thought of every angle of protection on these with a high folded front edge that protects your A Arms from impact and your CV Boots from sticks hitting and tearing and letting dirt in there to wreck the joints. We also have drain holes on the underside to let dirt, grass seed and sand that has built up to fall out or to be washed out. Our A Arms utilise both factory mounting points and extra brackets when needed to give MAXimum strength when mounting with ease of installation. Our clever design allows for a flat surface for sliding over any obstacle you might come across on the trail. PART NUMBER ONLY INCLUDES FRONT A ARM GUARDS

Key Features:

Constructed with a Heavy Duty Custom Blend PE Plastic
Utilizes Factory Mounting Points
Drain and maintenance holes
Hidden fastening and special plate washers
Easy installation with all hardware provided Drainage and Maintenance holes have been added for ease of access when cleaning and servicing your ATV/UTV
Precision laser cut
Italian AkzoNobel Powder coated for the best scratch resistance appearance, sustainability and protection against the elements
Best suited skid plate and A Arm Guards for harsh riding conditions
Kit comes with Skid plate and Front and Rear A Arm Guards on applicable models
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